• American Tax Value actively welcomes clients into the office and works as a team to make sure your tax return gets done right. We answer questions in a friendly manner and give advice as necessary to "go the extra mile" for our clients because "good enough" is not good enough! We EARN our fee every time by saving our clients money. Whether you're just starting or incorporating a business and learning your options, we are ready to help you set up your company and stay compliant over time.

    Whether you need help with a simple return or have past years' taxes that need attention, we can help. American Tax Value provides full-service income tax preparation services by experienced consultants. Preparation and filing services include:

    • Back Years - Let us complete and file your back year returns.
    • Free Second-Look—We double-check previous returns to make sure you received all of the credits and deductions you are entitled to.
    • Amendments - We will file an amendment to a previous return if you left income out of the initial filing.
    • Individual & Corporate Returns - We provide excellent preparation for your individual or corporate tax returns. We focus on quality, not quantity.