Here is a list of things that you should bring when you come to your taxes with a professional tax preparer. This list includes anything you might need, to ensure that you are at maximum readiness for your tax preparation

    Basic Information:
    Copy of last year's tax return
    Names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers for taxpayer(s)
    Names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers for any dependents or possible dependents (check with your tax professional to determine if a dependent qualifies).

    • Income
    • W-2s from any jobs (may be possible to download from Internet, ask employer)
    • 1099-INT from any interest income (CDs, savings account, municipal bonds)
    • 1099-DIV for any dividend income, for instance from mutual fund holdings
    • 1099-G from state tax refund from last year
    • 1099-MISC from any independent contracting work
    • Figure to report for any cash earnings related to self-employment
    • Profit and Loss statement for any business income (can be simple list of total income received for year, and then total of each category of expense related to business)
    • 1099-S if any real estate property sales
    • 1099-B if any stock sales
    • 1099-R for any retirement income, including rollover of retirement funds or early withdrawal
    • Schedule K-1 for any interests in partnerships, S-corporations, trusts, or estates
    • Form 1099-G for any unemployment received (or if you are *sure* of the amount, just bring the amount received number which *may* be on your last check stub)
    • 1099-C for any canceled debt amount, such as settled credit card debt or home loan modification where the principal amount of the loan was reduces

    Amount of any other income received such as alimony, lottery winnings, or strike pay

    1098-T from school if you paid tuition expense or paid for books and supplies; if school has not issued Form 1098-T, can use your own records of expenses paid

    Manufacturer's certification for any energy-saving improvements to your home (such as solar heating systems or certain energy-efficient HVAC systems)

    Name, address, phone number, and Employer Identification Number (EIN) for any daycare expense paid; if paid to a person without an EIN required to include person's Social Security Number in order to claim the Child and Dependent Care Expenses Credit

    Purchase agreement for any alternative motor vehicle purchased, such as electrical car

    Amount paid for any Estimated Tax Payments (pre-payments of tax made on Form 1040-ES)

    Please give us a call to make sure you bring the right documentation that apply for your deductions according your situation.


    Other Information:

    Bank routing number and account number for direct deposit of your refund

    Taxpayer signature (and spouse's signature if filing a joint return)

    Picture ID and Social Security Cards of dependents if you are having your tax preparation fee taken out of your refund ("Bank Product")